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The history of Presbyterianism in Ireland can be traced back to 1613. The first Non-Subscribing Presbytery was formed in 1725 and our most notable historical leader, Dr. Henry Montgomery (pictured left), took a leading part in the controversy in the 1820's that led to the formation of the Non-Subscribing Remonstrant Synod of Ulster. Our Church refuses to impose compulsory subscription to any man-made creeds in respect of a person's Christian faith. Our ethos is 'faith guided by reason and conscience' and we advocate liberal and tolerant Christianity.

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Synod 2018

The General Synod of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland will be held in

Greyabbey 1st Presbyterian (N.S.) Church

Newtownards Road, Greyabbey, BT22 2NE


Tuesday 12th June & Wednesday 13th June 2018

12th June at Greyabbey

3:30 pm - Remonstrant Synod of Ulster
4:15 pm - Trustee Company
7:30 pm - Synod Communion Service
8:15 pm - Synod Service and Installation of Moderator

13th June at Greyabbey

10:30 am - Business Meeting
7:30 pm - Social Event







Rt. Rev. Colin Campbell

Contact Address:
9 Churchlands Grove,
BT38 9BG
Northern Ireland


Rev. Robert McKee

Contact Details:
Bellahill House,
10 Dalways Bawn Road
BT38 9BY

Assistant to Clerk:
Mr. Paul Jeffrey

Contact Details:
Mobile: 07580 051790



1st Presbyterian (N.S.)