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The history of Presbyterianism in Ireland can be traced back to 1613. The first Non-Subscribing Presbytery was formed in 1725 and our most notable historical leader, Dr. Henry Montgomery (pictured left), took a leading part in the controversy in the 1820's that led to the formation of the Non-Subscribing Remonstrant Synod of Ulster. Our Church refuses to impose compulsory subscription to any man-made creeds in respect of a person's Christian faith. Our ethos is 'faith guided by reason and conscience' and we advocate liberal and tolerant Christianity.



The Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland

A Statement from the Moderator

As Moderator of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland, we add our voice to those of so many others, in condemning the terrorist attacks in Paris, which have resulted in 129 dead and so many others injured.
We offer our prayers for all those affected by these outrages.
We in the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church send our sincere sympathy and condolences to all those affected by these dreadful events.

Rt. Reverend Christopher Wilson MA Moderator

Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland
One of our church members Becca Cairns, has taken it on herself to make a difference to the refugees landing increasing numbers in Greece.
Becca has said " I'm travelling out to Leros on 14th November for a week to work on assisting refugees who have survived the sea crossing. I've self-funded the travel and accommodation but if anyone would like to donate funds to be spent directly on the ground I would be very grateful.  2,500 people arrived on this tiny island in the last 48 hours and shows no sign of slowing. Their situation is desperate, people are dying.  Any help would be gratefully received and we have a big church family who I know are generous of spirit.  100% of every penny I receive will be spent directly on aid in Leros." 
Should anyone be wish to offer a modest donation [by cheque made out to "Rebecca Cairns"] towards her work, please send it to the Moderator at the Manse, 48 Church Road, Moneyreagh in a sealed envelope marked for the Refugee Appeal, and Rev Chris will forward the same on to Becca.


Rt. Rev. Chris Wilson

Contact Address:
48 Church Road,
BT23 6BA
Northern Ireland


Rev. Robert McKee

Contact Details:
Bellahill House,
10 Dalways Bawn Road
BT38 9BY