Reflection by the Moderator

A Reflection by the Moderator 

Watching all the tributes to her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, I notice one who crops up is Paddington Bear. I know another childhood bear who would have loved, honoured and missed her, if only he could have got his brain round the concept. It's very big for a little brain to take in. 

His friend, Christopher Robin, once went down to Buckingham Palace with his nanny, Alice. I thought of altering the words, slightly, then thought A.A. Milne says it all.
"They looked for the Queen, but she never came,  
May God take care of her all the same, says Alice".
On this day, the last, when her remains will see daybreak and sunset, so say all of us.
Rt Rev Lena Cockroft
Queen and Pooh Bear